Sound Transit Light Rail

Issue: Expanding Sound Transit Light Rail to West Seattle.

Description: The full expansion of a Light Rail connection for fixed rail, either at grade, below ground (tunneled) or grade separated from Seattle east of the Duwamish River to West Seattle, and on to points south in White Center, Burien, and beyond.

Problem since: West Seattle has long needed an expanded capacity for transit.

Identified by the WSTC: In November 2013, the WSTC spoke with Sound Transit, who made it clear that from their surveys West Seattle residents were overwhelmingly in favor of an upcoming Light Rail expansion coming to our area. The WSTC has similarly endorsed Light Rail to West Seattle.

First letter from the WSTC to the Sound Transit about the issue: November 26th, 2013.


November 2013: Sound Transit conducts studies for support of Light Rail, finds overwhelming support for West Seattle Light Rail.

November 2013: WSTC endorses Light Rail to West Seattle.

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