Endorsements & Membership

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition helps to represent on transportation and mobility-related matters:

  • Up to 70,400 residents.
  • The neighborhood community councils in the Delridge District through the Delridge Neighborhood District Council (DNDC).

The following groups have individually endorsed the WSTC:

  1. Delridge Neighborhood District Council: representing the neighborhood councils of the eastern half of West Seattle.
  2. Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council: representative of up to 7,700 residents.
  3. Morgan Community Association: up to 10,000 residents.
  4. Alki Community Council: up to 4,900 residents.
  5. West Seattle Junction Neighborhood Organization: up to 6,000 residents.
  6. Highland Park Action Committee: up to to 6,000 residents.
  7. North Delridge Neighborhood Council: up to 4,200 residents.
  8. Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights Community Council: up to 6,700 residents in Westwood/Roxhill and 5,100 in Arbor Heights.
  9. Admiral Neighborhood Association: representative of up to 13,000 residents.
  10. South Park Neighborhood Association: representative of up to 5,200 residents.
  11. Pigeon Point Community Association: representative of up to 1,600 residents.

The following individuals have endorsed the WSTC:

The italicized names are the initial interim board and volunteers who assisted in launching the WSTC.

  1. Cindi Barker
  2. Deb Barker
  3. Kevin Broveleit
  4. Barbara Dobkin
  5. Amanda Kay Helmick
  6. Mat McBride
  7. Tod Rodman
  8. Joe Szilagyi
  9. Michael Taylor-Judd
  10. Diane Rose Vincent
  11. Carolyn Stauffer
  12. Martin Westerman
  13. Brian Allen
  14. Sharon Buckley
  15. Katharine Christian, West Seattle Family Dentistry
  16. Susan Conn
  17. Jon Coombes
  18. Allison Dobbins
  19. Theresa Harnett
  20. Lezlie Jane
  21. Madeline Johnson
  22. Ksenya Lagutina
  23. Katherine M. Olson
  24. Tom Rickell
  25. Linda Ruffer
  26. Kerrie Shurr
  27. Martin Talarico
  28. Chris Wallace

Join the West Seattle Transportation Coalition

Do you, your group, institution, or company want to endorse the work of the West Seattle Transportation Coalition? The more unified voices we represent, the more authority we can carry on behalf of the West Seattle Peninsula to Seattle City Hall, to King County, to the State of Washington, and to other agencies.

There are over 100,000 residents in the West Seattle Peninsula, from the tip of Alki south to Arbor Heights, White Center, and the county. Even more workers come to our Peninsula on a daily basis for work, business, recreation at three of Seattle’s few public beaches, religious activities, and school. We have a college. Major manufacturing. Washington State ferries. Marine import and export, and Harbor Island West.

  • To endorse and be listed, as a group or individual: 

E-mail us here

We will not take your place, in whatever lobbying you do about transportation issues. You will be free to pursue issues on your own. We will additionally lobby for Peninsula-wide and other major transportation issues on your behalf. The more that the West Seattle Peninsula is able to communicate with one voice on the most critical issues, the more people will listen and take action.

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