The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is made up of the following Committees. To join any of them or for more information about them, please email to info@westseattletc.org. You will be joining a team of twenty committed local volunteers.

Outreach Committee

  • What Outreach does: The evangelists. Engagement with businesses, community groups, special interest groups and individuals for recruiting into the coalition, education, and to collect feedback for the coalition to act upon.
  • Chair: Deb Barker

Communications Committee

  • What Communications does: The geeks and skunkworks operators. Manages the WSTC’s online presences; conducting annual/bi-annual Issues Surveys; writing press releases; managing and facilitating communications between other advocacy groups. Sometimes serving as the squeaky wheel for the other committees.
  • Chair: Joe Szilagyi

Research and Solutions Committee

  • What R&S does: The technical people and planners. Develops and adjusts the West Seattle Peninsula Transportation Master Plan by receiving and disseminating research info from Outreach, Communications & Meetings. Works directly with DPS, SDOT, WSDOT, EPA, etc. for research on technical, planning, and transportation solutions.
  • Chair: Kevin Broveleit

Action Committee

  • What Action does: The advocates. Meets with officials (elected and otherwise); agencies; goes to and holds rallies; engages directly with whomever is required for West Seattle to get commitments for solutions.
  • Chair: Amanda Kay Helmick


How do the committees work to improve transportation on the West Seattle Peninsula? Something like this:

Want to join a committee to improve your community?
Send an e-mail to: info@westseattletc.org

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