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Former WSTC Board Members:

Alon Bassok

alonbassok-wstcI have been a North Delridge resident since 2006 when my family was attracted to Longfellow Creek and the easy access to downtown. My interests around West Seattle transportation issues focus on convenient ways to get around in the peninsula, as well as safe and efficient access and egress to and from the peninsula. Within West Seattle, we are constrained by distance and hills. Leaving our community can be taxing; bicycling can be frightening, taking the bus can be slow, and driving can be frustrating. We have many challenges to work on.

I currently teach courses on land use and transportation through the Master of Sustainable Transportation program at the University of Washington. I am interested in a number of diverse transportation topics and helped organize the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium (2013) and Innovation in Urban Freight Workshop (2012) held here in Seattle. I also spent several years on the city’s Freight Advisory Board. Prior to returning to teach at the University of Washington, I worked as a transportation planner at the Puget Sound Regional Council.

When away from transportation discussions, I spend most of my time chauffeuring my daughters around West Seattle between their activities, or sneaking down to Lakewood Park for a round of disc golf. Occasionally I may be found playing bass with the Pretty Good Jazz Trio.

  • Board Service: May 2014 to September 2014, 4 months.

Tod Rodman

todrodman-wstcTod Rodman, BA, MBA has lived in West Seattle since 2000. Prior to that he lived for a year in Kirkland, having moved out West from Charlottesville, Virginia in 1999. Tod was born in New York City and until leaving to attend the University of Virginia lived in the Northeast. Upon receiving his BA degree from UVa, Tod lived in London and New York. Tod received his Masters Degree from the UVA, spent a year in Memphis, and returned to live in Charlottesville where he raised his two children. His children and three grandchildren live in West Seattle.

Tod studied Urban Planning and Architecture, ultimately receiving his Masters in Finance and Operations, interning at UPS in their Advance Logistical Solutions Group . His early work was as an Ordinary Seaman, a Taxi Driver, a Broker in Maritime Vessel Sales and Chartering, and as Firefighter. His has spent over 30 years in the Information Technology industry performing Systems Analysis and Program Management.

Tod’s passion for improving the Seattle Transportation system, and especially the West Seattle Transportation system has brought him into a working relationship with many dedicated volunteer and professional folks who have a broad range of interests and expertise in transportation issues. Tod would very much like to continue to serve the West Seattle Community, especially in working toward implementing a balanced and top quality transportation system for West Seattle that provides the best transportation for all of the people who live and work in West Seattle.

  1. West Seattle Transportation Coalition Interim Board Member
  2. Morgan Community Association
  3. Southwest District Council – Delegate Alternate to the City Neighborhood Council
  4. City Neighborhood Council – Transportation Committee Co-Chair
  5. City Department of Neighborhoods – Peoples Academy for Community Engagement (PACE)
  6. West Seattle Green Space Coalition – Co-Chair
  • Board Service: September 2013 to Septmber 2013, 1 year.

Founding WSTC Board members

September 2013 – May 2014, inaugural interim board members:

  • Deb Barker, co-founder
  • Kevin Broveleit, co-founder
  • Amanda Kay Helmick, co-founder
  • Mat McBride, co-founder
  • Tod Rodman, co-founder
  • Joe Szilagyi, co-founder
  • Michael Taylor-Judd, co-founder
  • Martin Westerman, co-founder
  • Cindi Barker, co-founder
  • Kevin Broveleit, co-founder
  • Barbara Dobkin, co-founder
  • Carolyn Stauffer, co-founder
  • Diane Rose Vincent, co-founder
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