The new WSTC Board

The WSTC last night confirmed our new governing board (click here for full profiles).

WSTC Meeting, May 2014

WSTC Meeting, May 2014

We have created a very large to-do list that we’ve been researching, studying, planning against, and are now ready to begin executing fully in through our permanent Board. Everything has been planning, research, and development up until now. If we were to issue a statement on the beginning of each project goal we’ve got lined up and in various stages of development every two weeks, it would take us until October to spin them all out.

You will start seeing updates on us tackling problems and challenging the City of Seattle, King County, Sound Transit, Washington State, and even the United States Government in the next year. What sorts of things? Here is our Current Issues page. As each item begins to ramp up it will get it’s own project page there.

  • A poll of our membership of their preferred funding methods to save bus service in-city.
  • Getting the Lander Street overpass.
  • Mandating published transparency from SDOT, KCDOT, and WSDOT on funding and prioritization of all projects.
  • Obtaining a 4th or 6th Avenue busway to the Spokane Street Viaduct.
  • Addition of BRT-type capacity to the West Seattle Bridge/SR99 interchange.
  • Development of an emergency transportation access plan to West Seattle with short term and long term components.
  • Working with King County on improvements to bus service in our area.
  • Working with Sound Transit on bringing Light Rail and true Bus Rapid Transit to the West Seattle peninsula.
  • Working with WSDOT on dedicated mitigation funding and ferry issues.
  • Working with the US Government on bridge openings affecting the peninsula.
  • Outreach and recruiting more members and member groups to join the WSTC — our strength comes from unity.

If we have to or are forced to, we’ll do whatever it takes for all of that. Our duty in the WSTC is to our membership: West Seattle first. We’ve been neglected for a long time. That status quo is no longer acceptable and never will be again.

“There are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

– Thomas A. Edison

Updated: May 14, 2014 — 10:13 am
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