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The first six months, and the next six months

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition formed in September 2013, in response to the looming 27% cuts to King County Metro to West Seattle. From that moment we started the process of building the WSTC so that there would be a unified voice for transportation issues in West Seattle, to drive our elected officials and agencies to stop — finally — overlooking West Seattle.

The first six months

The panel at our January 2014 forum.

The panel at our January 2014 forum.

How it began:

A huge crowd discussed this at our first meeting, which was recorded by the West Seattle Blog. You can watch it here:

West Seattle was getting a double hit: in addition to the 17% cuts the entire county was facing to King County Metro, we were also facing another 10% in cuts because of the “Viaduct mitigation money” from the WSDOT running out. This was a special fund for us, due to the massive disruption to our commutes from the Deep Bore Tunnel and Bertha digging. Unfortunately, the State only funded that through June 2014! At the end of that first meeting, with nearly all of the leaders of nearly all of the West Seattle neighborhood and community groups present, we unanimously formed the WSTC, and started working on our problems…


WSTC Endorses King County Proposition 1 to “Save Metro”

West Seattle Transportation Coalition
Endorses King County’s Proposition 1, Adds Caveats

At their February 11, 2014 meeting, the Interim Board of the West Seattle Transportation Coalition (WSTC), an advocacy group dedicated to advancing and improving all modes of transportation to benefit the 100,000 residents of the West Seattle Peninsula, voted to endorse King County’s “Proposition 1” transportation package with some important caveats. As proposed by King County Executive Dow Constantine, Proposition 1 is intended to save bus services and maintain roads in lieu of adoption of a balanced statewide transportation package with local options for funding transit and roads.

The caveats are:

  1. Proposition 1 package should sunset in two years instead of ten years.
  2. King County should continue to lobby the Legislature for permission to levy an MVET, which is less regressive for taxpayers.
  3. King County should work with the City of Seattle and other jurisdictions to implement transit mitigation fees.

The WSTC developed the caveats based on current available information. Refer to our website for the full version of our endorsement position. The West Seattle Transportation Coalition endorses adoption and encourages support of King County’s ‘Proposition 1’ Transportation Package with important caveats.

Media Contact: Amanda Kay Helmick
West Seattle Transportation Coalition
(206) 708-5617;

A PDF version of this endorsement is available here: WSTC Endorsement letter for Proposition 1 on this web site, and on Scribd here.

March 11, 2014 WSTC meeting agenda

Here is the updated WSTC agenda for Tuesday, March 11!

6:30-6:35 — Welcome, and Community News.

6:35-7:00 — Board Elections. Candidates need to declare today, it’s the deadline in our by-laws. Elections are in our May 2014 meeting. Full details are here:

7:00-7:15 — Committee business/reports. The Research & Solutions Committee is meeting to review additional items and issues that we have in our long West Seattle backlog of transportation issues and will give us more details. Some of the items can be seen here in last month’s agenda:

7:15-8:15 — WSTC Steering: Review of outstanding action items for prioritization for the year, West Seattle Transportation Coalition Steering Discussion. What issues should we tackle, and in what order? It’s time to decide and then dig into resolving them.

8:15-8:20 — Set the main Agenda items for April’s WSTC meeting.

8:20-8:30 — Break, and meet with Board candidates for quick photos for website and discussion.

NOTE: SDOT due to scheduling difficulties will not be coming in our March 11 meeting to talk about West Seattle-affecting capital projects but we’re working on scheduling with them for our April 8th meeting.

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