Month: October 2013

ACC, HPAC, JuNO join the West Seattle Transportation Coalition

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is proud to announce that the Alki Community Council (ACC), the West Seattle Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO), and the Highland Park Action Committee (HPAC) have endorsed the WSTC.

They join with the Delridge Neighborhood District Council, Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council, and Morgan Community Association in association in endorsing our growing coalition.

Today, the WSTC now helps represent up to 34,600 peninsula residents on transportation related issues and advocacy.

The following individuals have also added their names to endorse the WSTC:

  • Katharine Christian, West Seattle Family Dentistry
  • Susan Conn
  • Allison Dobbins
  • Lezlie Jane

Please click here for a list of all the groups and individuals who have joined the WSTC in the exactly 31 days since our September 24, 2013 inauguration. Click here for meeting schedule information, to come to a meeting. Click here to join the coalition and help improve transportation in the West Seattle peninsula. Why should you join?


West Seattle groups and residents endorse the WSTC

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is proud to announce on October 18, 2013, our first public endorsements from groups and individuals for WSTC to help represent them on transportation-related issues. The following groups have endorsed the WSTC:

The following individuals have endorsed the WSTC:

  • Brian Allen
  • Jon Coombes
  • Theresa Harnett
  • Madeline Johnson
  • Ksenya Lagutina
  • Tom Rickell
  • Linda Ruffer
  • Kerrie Shurr
  • Martin Talarico
  • Chris Wallace


Call to action from the West Seattle Transportation Coalition

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is a Peninsula-wide organization working to address transportation and mobility issues for Seattle’s largest constituency.

Representing more than 100,000 people living and working in the 10 square mile area between the Duwamish River and Puget Sound, these community leaders, advocates, business owners, residents and workers focused on addressing transportation and commuting challenges caused by:

  • The reduction of mass transit services: The current insufficient level of service will be compounded by the proposed cuts in our already under served area.
  • Loss of infrastructure: The scheduled removal of the SR-99 Viaduct without sufficient replacement capacity on other routes to and from our Peninsula.
  • Density without transportation capacity:  The region’s commitment to increased density is not matched with equivalent increases in transportation capacity to serve the Peninsula’s steadily growing population.
  • Natural barriers: West Seattle has only limited routes connecting it to downtown and beyond for the vast majority of its commuters. Mass transit is the primary option that can move us across these choke points to keep our transportation systems functioning.

The West Seattle Transportation Coalition calls upon our city, county and state elected officials to produce permanent solutions to these identified challenges affecting our Peninsula.

We call upon the City of Seattle to:


The West Seattle Transportation Coalition

During last night’s meeting on October 8th, 2013, the decision was made by the WSTC board to rename ourselves from the West Seattle Transit Coalition to the West Seattle Transportation Coalition. A report on the meeting will be coming soon — this was just one piece of what was accomplished last night.

The WSTC were also invited to give an introduction at the monthly meeting of the 34th District Democrats about our coalition, at 8:10pm tonight. It will be at The Hall at Fauntleroy, 9131 California Avenue S.W., West Seattle, Washington.

Agenda for West Seattle Transit Coalition board meeting #1.

Here is the agenda for the first West Seattle Transit Coalition board meeting. This will be held on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at the High Point Neighborhood House (6400 Sylvan Way SW) at 6:30pm. Board meetings are open to the public.

The minutes from the inaugural meeting are available here: WSTC inaugural meeting minutes September 24 2013

General items: Introductions; last minute news and updates.

  1. Formalize and settle the interim WSTC board.
  2. What is our vision/mission statement?
  3. Collect feedback on proposed by-laws; aim to ratify by board meeting #2 on November 12.
  4. Quick review of a proposed 8 month timeline.
  5. Quick discussion on getting the various peninsula groups on board that our board is affiliated with (follow up next meeting to expand on this).
  6. Main item: Final draft of the WSTC initial Letter/plea for help to officials. Send it out this month.
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