Month: September 2013

WSTC inaugural meeting brief notes

The crowd at the first meeting.

The crowd at the first meeting.

Our first meeting was held tonight. There is a lot of news to share, but some initial news. This post will be updated Wednesday evening with any news media stories covering it.

There was overwhelming support and an apparent unanimous decision to create the West Seattle Transit Coalition with a mandate to improve West Seattle transit conditions for all stakeholders. This group will report to and pursue the various neighborhood groups and chambers as signatories and stakeholders.

There were 11 initial board member volunteers, with no objections. This will be an interim board, with elections later, with input from the various West Seattle groups. The interim board is:


West Seattle Transit Coalition (WSTC)

Following discussions over several months, a multitude of West Seattle groups have made the decision to attempt to form a West Seattle Transit Coalition.

There are at least three factors currently working in tandem to significantly worry a lot of people in West Seattle, that we have been talking about on and off for months in our meetings.

  1. The looming reduction of mass transit services region wide with the King County Metro funding crisis coming out of Olympia. All services will face up to a 17% cut in volume.
  2. This is only compounded for us in West Seattle, with the equally looming end of the SR-99 Viaduct and the construction headaches that will cause for all of us soon.
  3. Third, the population because of increasing density (whether you’re a fan or not) in West Seattle is increasing, further straining transit — transit which may soon reduce, straining it even further.

Individually, any one of these things is a topic deep enough for a three hour meeting, or more. Put together? Again, regardless of what side you’re on about any of these issues, altogether they equal out to everyone coming out of West Seattle having a pretty awful commute very soon.


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